Diabetes mellitus, or just diabetes, is a chronic metabolic disorder that is indicated by a high blood glucose level. This is caused by a total lack of insulin or due to the impaired action (relative lack) of insulin. Insulin operates like a key that unlocks the cells so that they can absorb sugar. The sugar is then converted in the cells into energy for the body. Axonlab offers you a variety of methods for measuring and controlling your blood glucose level.

GLUCOCARD X-mini plus

New - illuminated blood glucose test meter

The new GLUCOCARD X-mini plus blood glucose test meters are now available.
These attractive-looking meters come in three colors and are easy to use. To allow measurements to be made in the dark without problems, the new GLUCOCARD X-mini plus blood glucose test meters have LED lights in the display and the test strip opening. The latest technology produces rapid and highly accurate test results from samples of only 0.3 µl.

The improved GLUCOCARD X-SENSOR maltose interference-free blood glucose test strips are also ideal for patients in hospital. The GLUCOCARD X-SENSOR test strips prevent measurements of blood glucose levels from being influenced by maltose. This can occur in rare cases when medicines which contain maltose or are metabolized to form maltose are administered in an injection or a drip.

Important benefits for measuring glucose in your practice or for your patients at home:

  • The meter starts automatically when the test strip is inserted
  • LED lights in the display and test strip opening
  • Four alarms can be set
  • Results in five seconds
  • Eco-standby mode for a long battery life
  • Monitoring system


DEKRA Certificate, pdf, 2.22 MB