Hematology is the study of the state (physiology), of abnormal functions (pathophysiology) and of the disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs. The most important disorders of the blood include leukemia, malignant changes to the lymph nodes or anemia.

ABX Pentra DF Nexus

5-part differential analyzer with 5-part differential and double differential matrix – 32 parameters

5-part differential and double differential matrix. Ideal for laboratories with a large throughput of samples.
In addition to the complete 5-part differential analysis, the Pentra DF Nexus also identifies, differentiates and quantifies immature cell lines (granulocytes (IMG), lymphocytes (IML) and monocytes (IMM) with results in percentages and figures). The additional differentiation of the immature cell lines allows for faster decision-making during diagnosis and follow-up.

Features and benefits

  • 120 samples per hour
  • 32 parameters
  • Automatic validation of results
  • Customized, automated repeat measurements (genuine reflex testing)
  • Cyanide-free reagents
  • Integral colored touch screen
  • State-of-the-art LED lasers
  • The latest ABX Pentra ML data management software
  • Integral cytology atlas helps with diagnosis and is ideal for training purposes

Optional: ABX SPS Evolution

Fully integral, automated slide processing and staining system

  • Standardized method for the preparation of blood smears
  • Selection of different staining protocols
  • Customized smear profiles in accordance with each laboratory's regulations