Hematology is the study of the state (physiology), of abnormal functions (pathophysiology) and of the disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs. The most important disorders of the blood include leukemia, malignant changes to the lymph nodes or anemia.

ABX Pentra XLR

5-part differential haematology analyser with reticulocytes

Cost-effective reticulocyte analyses

Compact and highly efficient with tried-and-tested technology The use of the very latest technology guarantees top-quality results.

Features and benefits

  • 80 samples per hour
  • 35 parameters
  • High-capacity autoloader (100 tubes)
  • Only 53 μl of EDTA whole blood for a complete blood count
  • Cyanide-free reagents
  • Fully integrated data management software with coloured touch screen
  • Selective reagent use for CBC, 5-part differential and reticulocyte analyses
  • Simple maintenance at the press of a button

Can be connected to ABX Pentra ML software. 

Comprehensive central validation station for managing the haematology workflow to the most recent standard

  • Genuine reflex testing - user-defined automatic repeat measurements and fully automatic determination of additional parameters
  • Up to 3 analysers can be connected simultaneously to one ABX Pentra ML validation station