Hematology is the study of the state (physiology), of abnormal functions (pathophysiology) and of the disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs. The most important disorders of the blood include leukemia, malignant changes to the lymph nodes or anemia.

Microsemi CRP

Hematology and CRP measurement in one step

A unique third-generation analyzer - most reliable yet. The Microsemi CRP produces a 3-DIFF analysis, including CRP measurement within minutes. The system is ideally used for emergencies, in pediatrics and in the medical practice for performing a rapid POC diagnosis and thus determining the best treatment.

Features and benefits

3-DIFF diagnostics and the optional CPR measurement, carried out simply with the press of a button – all fully automated.

  • New with completely integrated data management software.
  • Ideal for micro samples
      - just 10 µl EDTA whole blood for 3-DIFF
      - just 18 µl for 3-DIFF incl. CRP measurement
  • CRP linearity up to 200 mg/l – no dilution needed.
  • Results in only 4 minutes.


Flyer Microsemi CRP, pdf, 1.21 MB