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Culture media

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Thanks to various partner agreements with leading companies in the microbiology sector, Axonlab is able to offer you an extensive range of culture media to meet all the requirements of a state-of-the-art laboratory. Whether you operate in the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry, Axonlab can provide you with every kind of culture medium – dehydrated powder, ready-to-use 55-65-90 mm plates, chromogenic media, as well as flasks and tubes.

Brief overview of culture media             

  • Compass Bacillus cereus Agar: A chromogenic culture medium that is used to identify directly and determine the bacterial count for spores and vegetative forms of Bacillus cereus in food products.
  • Compass CC Agar: Direct identification and a bacterial count for Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria in water using the membrane filtration process within 24 hours without additional confirmation using oxidase tests or detecting indole production from tryptophan.                 
  • Compass Cronobacter sakazakii Agar: A chromogenic selective medium that is used to identify Cronobacter sakazakiidirectly in milk powders, dehydrated products and their raw materials for baby foods.                    
  • Compass Enterococcus Agar: A chromogenic selective medium that is used to identify and carry out a bacterial count for enterococci in food products.
  • Compass Listeria Agar: A chromogenic selective medium that is used to isolate, identify and perform a bacterial count of Listeria monocytogenesin food products, environmental samples and pathological samples of animal origin, even in the case of strong contamination.                   
  • Confirm‘ L. mono Agar: A solid medium for confirming the type of Listeria monocytogenes using a single characteristic colony that is formed by the COMPASS® Listeria agar.              
  • IRIS Salmonella: An alternative method for detecting salmonella in human and animal food, as well as in environmental samples.                      

This is a sample of the key chromogenic media from an extensive product range. We are happy to present other products to you on request.