Hemostasis – clotting of the blood – is a vital process. The role of hemostasis is to stop any bleeding that has occurred as a result of injuries to the blood vessels. The wound can then heal.

The total range for you

The vital process of blood clotting can be controlled, monitored and analyzed in every phase using state-of-the-art hemostasis diagnostics. We can offer total hemostasis diagnostics, from fully automated diagnostics and the differential diagnostic mapping of the entire whole blood coagulation process to POC hemostasis management.                 

All ACL TOP analyzers offer:                 

  • Same results – cross-laboratory standardization.                   
  • Same reagents and consumables – optimized administration.                   
  • Same functions and handling – simplified induction.                   
  • Same powerful, intuitive software – easy to use.                   

A selection of special hemostasis parameters for use with the ACL TOP range of analyzers:                 

  • Hemosil VWF: RCO.                   
  • Hemosil screening test for von Willebrand disease.                   
  • Hemosil test for thrombophilia screening (Factor V Leiden, antithrombin, protein C and S, lupus anticoagulants, Factor VIII).                   
  • Hemosil D-Dimer.                   
  • Hemosil lupus anticoagulant test range.                   
  • Hemosil HIT – Ab.