Microbiology, the "study of small life", deals with investigating bacteria, viruses, single-cell fungi and other micro-organisms. Microbiology is broken down into various specialist fields, such as medical microbiology and food microbiology. Axonlab can offer a host of products for both these fields. This includes Axonlab's own products that it has directly manufactured.

Products made by Axonlab

Thanks to various partner agreements with leading companies in the microbiology sector, Axonlab is able to offer you an extensive range of equipment and culture media to meet all the requirements of a state-of-the-art laboratory. Whether you operate in the food, drug or cosmetics industry, Axonlab can provide you with every kind of culture medium: dehydrated powder, ready-to-use 55-65-90 mm boxes, chromogenic media, or flasks and tubes. Make the most of our own products too. 

Microbiology Catalog (pdf - 1.63 MB)