Hemostasis – clotting of the blood – is a vital process. The role of hemostasis is to stop any bleeding that has occurred as a result of injuries to the blood vessels. The wound can then heal.


The next generation of mobile INR meters

The microINR is a portable analyzer for determining blood clotting time. The INR value indicates how long it takes for blood to clot. A properly functioning clotting system stops bleeding. If it is impaired, this can result in a tendency to bleeding or thromboses. The INR value is calculated to treat this and an appropriate drug-based treatment introduced. The microINR is deployed in hospital laboratories, in medical practices, at outpatient care departments, as well as by private individuals who can carry out the test themselves.


Features and benefits                       

The vital process of blood clotting can be controlled, monitored and analyzed in every phase using state-of-the-art hemostasis diagnostics. The process recommended by the WHO for determining INR is used as a basic diagnosis in the case of anticoagulation treatments. Professional POC diagnostics: quick, simple and reliable.                                  

  • Result obtained in less than 2 minutes from only 3 μl of whole blood.
  • Small, handy and easy to use.
  • Blood sample taken directly from the puncture site.
  • A reagent ISI value of 1.0 allows for precise measurement.
  • No calibration needed.
  • Quality controls are run for every measurement taken.

microINR Video