Clinical chemistry

In clinical chemistry bodily fluids like blood and urine are analyzed to find out more about the function and capability of the organs and entire metabolism. These parameters provide important information for diagnosing diseases and following them up.

Hitachi M40

Wet chemistry made just as simple as dry chemistry

Clinical chemistry, CRP and HbA1c determination rolled into one. The Hitachi M40 brings together the benefits of tried-and-tested wet chemistry technology with the easy use associated with dry chemistry.

Features and benefits

The devices use the same reagents as the largeHitachisystems to ensure that the results are comparable.

  • Enzymes, substrates and the most important serum proteins can be determined from serum, plasma and whole blood, as well as from capillary blood.
  • Processes up to 4 patient samples simultaneously.
  • Unique cartridge system.
  • Automatic calibration using a 2D code.
  • Hitachi large analyzer technology.
  • No sample preparation needed – direct determination from the primary tubes.


Hitachi M40, pdf, 487.12 kB