HbA1c is glycated hemoglobin. HbA1c reflects the average blood glucose level during the previous 1-2 months.

HbA1c analysis – fully automated and high precision

The world's fastest HBA1c analysis using a fully automated, high-precision, easy-to-use system. One of the largest manufacturers of diagnostic equipment in the world – Arkray – can vouch for the high quality and precision.

  • HPLC measurement technology –  long-standing approved method.
  • High-quality fractionation of columns.
  • All common types of sample tube can be mixed in one rack.
  • Sample volume of approx. 14 μl whole blood – no pre-dilution or hemolyzation required.
  • Hemolyzed capillary blood samples can be measured without changing the device settings.
  • No column-linked reagents - the reagents can be swapped at any time regardless of the batch allocation.
  • Cap piercing – pipetting out of closed primary tubes.
  • Loading capacity of 100 tubes.
  • STAT mode – a special single-sample holder makes measuring an emergency sample easy.