Diabetes mellitus, or just diabetes, is a chronic metabolic disorder that is indicated by a high blood glucose level. This is caused by a total lack of insulin or due to the impaired action (relative lack) of insulin. Insulin operates like a key that unlocks the cells so that they can absorb sugar. The sugar is then converted in the cells into energy for the body. Axonlab offers you a variety of methods for measuring and controlling your blood glucose level.

Diabetes monitoring - rapid and accurate

Whether a blood glucose level is measured directly from the finger, a HbA1c analysis is carried out on the fully automated analyzer or screening is carried out in spontaneous urine to detect early the initial onset of kidney function impairment – the Arkray equipment and test strips certainly cover your requirements too. Expertise in the diabetes sector, professional monitoring for your patients and your laboratory. The name Arkray is synonymous with high quality and precision.