Point of Care

Point-of-care testing (POCT) involves carrying out laboratory tests on individual samples in the direct vicinity of the patient, allowing the doctor who is treating the patient to take diagnostic and treatment measures immediately. These conditions are met by doctors' practices, healthcare centres, inpatient departments in hospitals and specific functional areas, such as accident and emergency departments, operating theatres, maternity wards, endoscopy units and interventional radiology departments.

It must be possible to use the measurement systems provided for this purpose without detailed medical or technical training. The development of devices that are easy to use has led in outpatient treatment in particular to new opportunities in the home care area for patient self-testing in the case of chronic illnesses and long-term medication.

Colo Rectal Test

Screening in the event of occult blood in stools

The colo-rectal test is a reliable screening method for occult blood in stools. This test was developed about 40 years ago by Roche and has been produced and sold by Axonlab for around 15 years.

Features and benefits

This tried-and-tested (modified Guajak-Harz) method stands out for the following features:

  • Financially high sensitivity and specificity (80%/93% against coloscopy).
  • Detection limit of 2 ml blood/100 g stools.
  • 3-day application.
  • Hygienic handling – for both patient and lab staff.
  • Recognized screening examination.
  • Hygienic, quick and clean.
  • Can even be carried out during iron treatment.
  • 2-reagent system, which means that stool samples can be analyzed even after a longer waiting time.
  • No supplementary system required. 


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