Urinalysis is definitely one of the oldest sciences in the world. It is used, on the one hand, to establish anomalies in the metabolic or hormonal balance where, although the kidneys are fully functional, abnormal volumes of metabolic end products are being excreted. These metabolic end products may indicate specific systemic disorders (e.g. glucose in the case of diabetes). On the other hand, urinalysis can also identify damage to the kidneys or the urinary tracts coming from them.

Wide product range – to meet every requirement

Flexible urinalysis thanks to a wide product range. From the smallest portable analyzer to the fully automated system.

  • Urine test strips including creatinine. No more false protein results due to a fluctuating urine concentration.
  • Small strips are a great advantage – all Arkray urine test strips can be read visually and mechanically.
  • The KOVA system from Hycor – innovative counting chamber system for manual standardization of urine sediment.
  • UrinAX – our own products. For urine culture.