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Interview at the practice of Dr. Ulrich Schafroth - Microsemi CRP

When did you start using the Microsemi CRP?
April 24, 2013.

What made you invest in a hematology analyzer?
Dr. Ulrich Schafroth: The key reason for me was the efficiency it brings. We no longer had the capacity to carry out morphological procedures only manually, even if it was always something that we really loved to do. We looked for a compromise between the time required to carry out a morphological analysis and a facility for interpreting the results. Nowadays, thanks to the Microsemi CRP, we can order even more blood analyses without increasing the workload of the practice assistants unreasonably. We currently use morphological differentiation, even in the case of conditions that are difficult to differentiate, such as glandular fever.

Olimpia Adamek: We simply had no more time for manual differentiation, not to mention that patients had to wait too long for this. Now we have the relevant results in just four minutes, allowing us to analyze a larger number of samples every day.

How did you end up opting for the Microsemi CRP?
Dr. Schafroth: The support provided is every bit as important as the equipment itself. Axon Lab AG made us feel that we were being taken seriously and not being pressurized. It also suits us to have a favorable financing scheme without any investment costs. The pressure on analysis costs has been steadily rising, and we had to make sure that we could run the lab at least on a break-even basis. We see the collaboration with Axon Lab AG as a win-win situation where both sides can enjoy the benefits together.

Adamek: The partner company was an important factor in our decision to opt for Microsemi CRP from Axon Lab AG. They provided us with prompt, expert advice. The facility for combining hematology analysis with an optional CRP measurement in the same device was also a key deciding factor for us.

What are the key benefits of the Microsemi CRP?
Dr. Schafroth: A huge benefit is that capillary blood can be used if a venous blood sample cannot be taken. The device is very practical to use.

Adamek: The key benefit is definitely the speed of the analysis. Four minutes for a blood count and a CRP! The device is also self-explanatory and is very easy and quick to learn to use. You can fully operate the device with a few key combinations. There is also the time-saving cleaning and check procedures which help make our daily routine at the practice easier and run more efficiently.

How do you rate the cooperation with Axon Lab AG?
Adamek: At a second appointment, we received replies from an expert from Axon Lab AG (Barbara Erb) to our detailed queries about histograms and how to interpret the results in a manner appropriate to our experience with the morphological method. We have received prompt assistance via the helpline in the event of technical problems, provided in a professional and satisfactory manner.

For which diagnostic issues does the Microsemi CRP provide you with additional help during the daily routine in your practice?
Dr. Schafroth: For the differentiation of viral and bacterial infections. For containing the infection and monitoring the course of infections. In this instance, it helps me during the course of the infection to identify whether prescribed antibiotics are achieving the desired effect or whether a different antibiotic should be chosen.

How do you benefit from the CBC/CRP combination?
Dr. Schafroth: The easier and quicker the analyses are, the better. The combination of both these parameters is helpful in the case, for instance, of monitoring the course of chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. Switching the CPR analysis feature on and off helps actually analyze only the aspects that are also helpful and necessary for making an assessment.

What else would you like to say to Axon Lab AG? What would you like to have in the future?
Dr. Schafroth: Stability and reliability are important to us. This is why we hope that cooperation will be developed in as satisfactory manner as before.

Adamek: I’m also very happy. It would perhaps be great to have a combination device that would also have a process for clinical chemistry (laughs).

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