Back to the overview 13. November 2014

Qualigen FastPack IP - FDA approval for vitamin D

The Qualigen FastPack IP system is a highly sensitive chemiluminescence immunoassay for PSA, fPSA, TESTO, TSH, fT4, βhCG and 25-OH vitamin D that provides you with the required analyses already during the consultation.

Qualigen announced last week that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America has granted market approval for the FastPack IP vitamin D test. Vitamin D deficiency plays a major role in bone-related disorders and studies over the past few years have shown that it is also connected with other medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Qualigen FastPack IP offers doctors a precise and reliable vitamin D test for use in patient-oriented diagnostics in laboratories. It helps doctors to evaluate vitamin D supply and ensure that patients receive the best treatment.

It is estimated that around one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency.