Measurement and evaluation

Taking lactate readings properly is one thing, but what do the results actually mean? How can I evaluate them correctly? This section should help you find out how to deal with this process correctly, from taking measurements to evaluating them.

Correct use and evaluation

This involves the following simple procedure

The equipment is very simple to handle, but it is important that it is used correctly. The downloads will therefore provide you with important information about this.

Important downloads

  • The quick operation guide gives you a step-by-step explanation of how to take measurements correctly and of what to look out for.
  • The instructions on evaluating the tests indicate how you can proceed with a lactate step test.
  • Evaluate the lactate step test conveniently using the lactate software from mesics.


Kurzbedienungsanleitung, pdf, 696.55 kB
Informationen und Auswertung, pdf, 265.18 kB