Read some of the interesting stories about the experiences of people using our lactate analyzers.

Feedback from users


“It’s great that I can better monitor my training through Axonlab. My trainer always tells me during which training sessions and at what point during the sessions I should take the lactate measurements. He can compare these values with those from the performance tests (where we took lactate and spiro measurements) and plan my training sessions accordingly.” Nicole Reist, 30, extreme sports enthusiast



"For 10 years I have devoted myself to the endurance sport and walk as a serious amateur athlete 4-5 marathons a year. With lactate measurement I have been made ​​aware that I have the regeneration hitherto paid too little attention." Manuela Imboden, 36 years old, marathoner





olivierbernhard coaching is testing the performance of its athletes with the LactatePro. Be it for performance testing in Heiden, on the bike, while the running or even in the pool. Olivier Bernhard, olivierbernhard coaching





"The genius of LactatePro is that we can use it very versatile. Whether for health, hobbies or sports, it is a simple and high quality solution. Not only for the determination of training pulses, it serves us. I put e.g. also in ball sports such as women's basketball team one to prevent overtraining and timely incorporate active recovery periods." Tom Seger, Teacher at Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports und Physical Coach at Swiss Basket





"To prepare a marathon, or 100km of Biel exact knowledge of the state of my body is extremely important. To avoid overtraining, and the regeneration but as short as possible and as long as you need to keep, I am using a lactate analyzer." Andi Pfaff, Laufkalender





"The lactate and heart rate determination for an optimal training effect is an important prerequisite. A loading dose at too low intensity does not produce the desired training success in terms of increasing endurance with it. On the other hand for the individual training condition necessarily leads to high intensity with insufficient recovery to overtraining. A performance stagnation and thus an undesired performance degradation is the result! Therefore I trust for lactate determination on the indispensable lactate analyzer "LactatePro" of Axonlab. Be it at lactate threshold tests or capacity testing in the lab, at the stadium or in the field as during training for the Jungfrau Marathon, the 'most beautiful marathon in the world'". Richi Umberg, Sportcoach & Performance diagnostician





"To prepare me for my first Ironman, the lactate determination was very helpful. I knew where my own personal ideal training area was and I could also check that my body was able to recover enough of each one workout to the next. I was able to use my workout time efficiently and reached its destination and the fourth place in my age category." Marianne Küffner, 42 years old, Swimmer and Triathlete





„Little effort, great effect: Since I monitor my endurance training with regular lactate measurements, I became a real summit topper."  Barbara Lipp, 31 years old, Allrounder