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A Day in the Life of Doris Mayerl, Training and Support

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  • 27 September 2019
  • Written by Axonlab Österreich
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Axonlab-philosophy: competence and knowledge transfer


Our credo is that Axonlab employees are experts in their field and therefore always provide our customers with competent advice and - if necessary - act as problem solvers. In order to be able to guarantee this important service at all times, product training for employees is an indispensable tool.

Varied daily routine in employee and customer training courses

At Axonlab, I am responsible for employee and customer training in the areas of "Care" (the area of physicians in private practice) and "Core" (clinics, laboratories, hospitals) - a very exciting and varied job where practically no day is like the next. In addition to my work as a teacher, I also do some teaching myself from time to time. Namely, when I myself take part in training sessions for equipment at the manufacturers of products that we sell as Axonlab. After all, it's important that I'm always up to date with the latest knowledge so that I can pass this know-how on to employees and customers.

At our company headquarters in Polling in the Tyrol, we have our own training room, which is often used for staff training, but also for customer training if required. On days when I am training, I usually try to be at the company very early, around 7:00 am. Before the participants arrive, I go through the training materials (presentations, handouts, e-learning program), check the equipment that may be needed and focus on the training. The training sessions usually start around 9:00 am. Training days are always very varied. The target groups for customer training courses differ considerably. While training courses for physicians in private practice usually focus on basics and measurement techniques at a very detailed level, training courses in the core area (i.e. for employees of clinics and laboratories) are usually more focused on troubleshooting, special measurement techniques on defined devices and interpretation of findings.

Intensive preparation

The transfer of knowledge is a very dynamic process and always depends on the respective participants. On the one hand, I appreciate this very much, as I constantly get to know new and interesting personalities and also get a lot of positive energy back. On the other hand, this is also the big challenge, because every training is therefore always individual and requires my full commitment. In the last 12 months, I have conducted about 40 training days for Axonlab. In addition to the actual training sessions, there are the preparations, which vary depending on the scope and type of training. In any case, the preparation of presentations, handouts, case studies, exam materials, evaluation forms and possibly e-learning components are also an important part of my work. After all, good preparation with well-documented documentation makes the transfer of knowledge sustainable.

Working in an international environment

What makes my work even more enriching and exciting is that Axonlab is active in eight European countries. If necessary, I train employees from all countries in German or English and also support large demos and installations in other countries. Currently and in the near future, the further development in the field of HELO projects (fully automated hematology conveyor belt solution) in cooperation with the manufacturing company Horiba is particularly exciting. For example, we are currently jointly developing a train-the-trainer seminar for these high-end hematology analyzers.

Since most of the employees have to travel a long way to attend the training courses at our site in Polling, we work very intensively on the training days and usually for a long time in order to make the best possible use of the time. By the time I get home at the end of a training day, I've usually talked so much that I like to retire with a book and let the day wind down. The almost three years that I have been working for Axonlab have flown by. This is mainly thanks to the varied working day, the enriching encounters and the exciting projects.

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