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At the forefront as an apprentice

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  • 24 November 2021
  • Written by Raphael Schlömilch
  • Life Science


Since registering for the biggest life science fair in Switzerland, ILMAC, I was given various tasks to help me and the MarKom team prepare for the fair. One of them was to regularly maintain the trade fair checklist. A trade fair checklist contains all the information about the trade fair, such as the size of our stand, the costs or the vendors who would like to participate in the trade fair. First of all, I created the trade fair checklist on the basis of an older ILMAC trade fair and deleted everything that I do not need this year. A well-maintained trade fair checklist includes, among other things, finding all the storage locations in the warehouse for the flyers and brochures that the salespeople want to take to the trade fair and entering them in the trade fair checklist. Another task was to create lead forms based on the equipment list that the salesperson entered in the trade fair checklist. Once the lead forms were correct, I printed them out and took them to our logistics person.



My work colleague picked me up in Dättwil at 10 a.m. and drove with me to ILMAC in Basel. After a 45-minute drive, we arrived at the exhibition site. First we looked for our stand, which was a bit hidden between the big stands. A short time later, three salesmen arrived at our stand. They helped us to set up the stand. The location of our stand was almost perfect. We were accessible from four sides and stationed in the first corridor just after the entrance. With our yellow tablecloths, we could not be overlooked.



Still a bit tired, we started unpacking the pallets, which had been delivered by our forwarding agent in the meantime. At the beginning, no one really knew how to start. But then we decided to unpack the Pixlip walls first. Pixlip walls are cloths with our logo on them, which you pull over a plastic frame and illuminate. From that point on, the set-up went well. We had to set up a total of four Pixlips. At the beginning, this task gave us a bit of trouble, because none of the participants ever set up these Pixlips. But, once we had set up the first Pixlip, we were able to assemble the other three effortlessly. While I and the person in charge from the MarKom team set up the other Pixlips, the vendors were busy setting up the devices. They took various Azure devices, the Mini-Vac, the CelVivo and even more devices. While setting up the last Pixlip, a problem arose: a Pixlip fabric was missing. But the problem was quickly solved: fortunately, the sales manager drove to Baden the morning before the fair and fetched the missing fabric. In the end, we were a little pressed for time. The cables were not all hidden and the yellow tablecloths were partly dirty. But we managed this well, too, by laying the cables behind the counters and turning over the dirty cloths.  In the end, we were very satisfied with our stand.


My impressions of ILMAC

I was very impressed by the large stands and how perfectly they were built. You could hardly see a cable lying around. I had the feeling that the stand builders had been building for ages, even though they had started on the same day as us. Considering that we hadn't organised a stand builder, we moved very quickly and our stand looked very nice at the end. It was impressive how much time and money is invested in a fair that only lasts for a few days. What I liked most was getting to know our salespeople in person, with whom I had previously only had contact by e-mail. Next time I would offer catering at our stand to attract customers.

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