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Axonlab congratulates PixCell on its success

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  • 15. October 2021
  • Written by Axon Lab AG
  • General Practice

The hematology analyzer, which is exclusively distributed by Axonlab in Switzerland as well as in other European markets, is the winner of this years’ MedTech Visionaries Award in the category «Best MedTech Visionary in the Field of Medical Devices for real-time blood testing».

HemoScreen™, developed in-house by PixCell Medical, is the only 5-part differential blood screen analyser that presents all reagents in a single-used cartridge and provides laboratory-quality readings equivalent to large and complex laboratory analysers.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the HemoScreen eliminates the need for routine maintenance and calibration. Operation is intuitive and with just a few drops of blood, HemoScreen provides a complete blood count (20 parameters) within five minutes.

Click here to see the presentation of Dr. Avishay Bransky, CEO of PixCell Medical: «Next Generation Machine-Vision Based Point-of-Care (POC) Hematology»

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