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Axonlab supports the Peter Bachmann Foundation in Ethiopia

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  • 14 July 2021
  • Written by Fabienne Turrian
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The focal point of the work of the Peter Bachmann Foundation is in Ethiopia. The various projects are dedicated to medical care and health, as well as to helping and accompanying elderly street people. One of these projects is supported by Axonlab this year.

The project supported by Axonlab is the VDI center for street people in Addis Ababa. The capital of Ethiopia is one of the largest metropolises in Africa and poverty characterizes the cityscape in many places. The VDI Center focuses on people: the foundation helps the poor with hot meals or with the construction and use of sanitary facilities. The center gives people a home, acts as a shelter to eat and provides medical help where needed.

Every day, an average of up to 70 people meet at the VDI Hospice Center in Addis Ababa. They all share a similar fate: loneliness and life on the streets. At the VDI, these people find shelter, something to eat and clean water. Thanks to Axonlab's support, much-needed renovations have been made to the VDI Hospice Center. For example, the poorly furnished dormitory received new beds and bedding, and the leaking roof was repaired.

After the management couple of the hospice center fell ill with Covid-19 at the beginning of the year, the renovations had to be paused. Now, construction work can move forward again. Next up is the center's kitchen, where a more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution needs to be found. Currently, wood is used as an energy source; a fuel that is becoming increasingly expensive. The management of the hospice center is therefore looking into sustainable energy sources as an alternative to the status quo. In addition, thanks to the support provided by Axonlab, much-needed repairs to the floors, windows and doors in the center's kitchen can be financed.

This film presents various projects of the Peter Bachmann Foundation. From sequence 16:15 also the Hospice Center VDI is shown.

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