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Eliane Eder says goodbye

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  • 16 August 2021
  • Written by Axon Lab AG
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Our long-time companion Eliane Eder is leaving us after more than 18 years with Axonlab and is setting off for new shores.


This time we did not ask the usual questions, no, we wanted to get completely different information out of her. Perhaps you, dear customer, would have liked to ask one or the other question for a long time. 

We hope you enjoy reading this issue.   

Jasmin Rullo: How have you managed to maintain a work-life balance?

Eliane Eder Everything I do, I do with conviction and passion! That is how I have always worked. With this attitude, work-life balance is not an issue, because I have always enjoyed working. Of course, the balance, the "shutdown" and the free time are important. But I find it even more important to spend the time you have in a meaningful and fulfilling way. My pool of peace is and remains my home - including a small farm with some animal inhabitants. I enjoy laughing a lot with my friends and colleagues.

Cinzia Fornaro: How did you hear about Axonlab in the first place? 

Eliane Eder I come from a family of laboratory technicians. My mother worked in a large laboratory that was a customer of Axonlab. She gave me the tip to apply there.

Cinzia Fornaro: What was your best moment at Axonlab?

Eliane Eder Ohh - there are so many! The beautiful moments always involved people who were important to me. Of course, there were also successes. For example, I still remember my first degree: a signature on a contract for a micros CRP in a small group practice in rural Solothurn.

There were many nice moments with clients who appreciated my work and showed me this clearly.

In the last few years, there have been more very nice moments with the sales force team, ranging from personal things to successful sales experiences.

Cinzia Fornaro: Can you tell us about the funniest situation/story?

Eliane Eder

I have laughed a lot in these 18 years because I think that life is much easier with a bit of humour. So there would be 1,000 stories to tell here.

I still remember one situation very well. I was asked by the helpline to bring a replacement device to a doctor's surgery in the Bern conurbation. They said their clinical chemistry machine was broken and nothing could be done over the phone. I drove off with my replacement unit and ran into the practice. The MPA was thrilled at how small the equipment was now. Unfortunately, after a few seconds it turned out that it was not the chemistry unit but the haematology unit that was broken! The funny thing about this story is that the technician tried for over 30 minutes with the MPA to get the machine working again, although he was standing in front of a completely different system than the customer.

But after a lot of cleaning and coaxing, I got the Micros working again.

Cinzia Fornaro: What will you miss most about Axonlab?

Eliane Eder The team and the many great people. Axonlab is more than a company where people work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Axonlab is actually almost a small family. I will miss the conversations with the employees, with the partners, with the suppliers and of course very, very much with the customers.

Eunike Wermuth: What was your most embarrassing moment at Axonlab?

Eliane Eder (laughs) Well, there are a lot of things to tell there, too...

I was always uncomfortable with things that seemed unprofessional. For example, trying to install a device without reagents. Once I went to the wrong customer. The name was right, but the place was wrong. E-mails were sent to the wrong address.

But there is one story I would like to tell in more detail: I also did presentation training with the staff so that we would make a professional impression in front of the clients. One staff member had the quirk of repeatedly groping at the screen so that it then moved, which is not very pleasant for the viewer. We practised this intensively and trained her not to do it. At one of my own next big client presentations, this said employee was in the audience and I know nothing better than to grab the screen during the presentation, so that it moved intensely and I briefly lost the thread. But then I was able to collect myself again, but I got deadly upset with myself.

Eunike Wermuth: How do you "manage" 18 years of Axonlab?

Eliane Eder You start from 0 and just keep working with a lot of enthusiasm. I have always been able to develop and have had a few different functions and tasks. It's not like I did the same thing for 18 years. And that is also the nice and interesting thing about Axonlab. 

Andrea Ferber: What can you take away from your time at Axonlab for the future?

Eliane Eder A huge backpack full of experiences, memories and a large network of doctors, MPAs and the medtech industry.

The experience I have gained over the past 18 years. Learning my profession from the ground up. To underline this with training and to develop myself further every year, every week or even every day is priceless.

I would also like to mention the international work with the various countries in which Axonlab is active. This was also always exciting to see how unique Switzerland is and how each country has its own way of working. 


Eliane Eder What I still want to say

After more than 18 years, it is now time for the last words - words of gratitude, melancholy and joy of reunion. It is very important to me to thank all the people who have accompanied me on this exciting journey. Every employee, partner, customer and client has shaped my path and made me what I am today. Every experience - be it positive or negative, funny or sad - has served its purpose and made me stronger. Axonlab was a perfect school to shape a teenage lab assistant into a professional businesswoman.

My journey now continues and I look forward to meeting each of you again in my future! Stay healthy and see you soon....

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