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Instructions for downloading quality control data sheets

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  • 07 January 2022
  • Written by Jeanette Fehlmann
  • General Practice

In this article we would like to show you step by step how you can quickly and easily download your quality control data sheets from the Axon Lab AG webshop. We will present two ways of how you can get to your required documents and download them.

If you need a target value data file for a new quality control blood batch via USB stick (or CF card in the card reader - only for Microsemi CRP 3.Gen.), first connect the USB stick to the PC and delete the old csv file beforehand.


Log in to the customer portal

Log in under the "Customer portal" tab so that we can provide you with exactly the QC documents that match your device.

You do not yet have a login to the Axonlab Webshop? No problem! Simply register by entering your customer number. With a login to the Axonlab webshop, we offer you a quick and easy way to order reagents, consumables or accessories in your customer portal as well as to view the QC documents, invoices or previous orders that are individually tailored to you.


Open the customer portal and download your documents

Once you are logged in, you can open the customer portal. Scroll down a little more and you will see your QC documents in the middle of your screen under "Quality control data sheets" and you can download them.


Download via the Download Center

Alternatively, you can obtain your QC documents via the Download Center. To do so, click on the Download Center tile in the middle of the homepage (or on "Downloads" in the footer at the very bottom of the page) after logging in (also possible without logging in).

Once you are in the Download Centre, you can select the unit for which you want to download a QC document. Then select the corresponding control and batch to view the available documents. Select your desired document and click on it to start the download.

As soon as you have downloaded your document, it will appear on your Computer under "Downloads".

How to load your target values to your device with a UBS stick (or CF card)

To load the target value data file for a new quality control blood batch onto your device, drag the file onto the USB stick (or onto your CF card).

Attention! The file name, for example "qcget_MCxxx_MicrosemiCRP" must not be changed. Therefore, make sure that you download the document only once, so that you do not add (1) or (2) to the end of the file name.

Then insert the USB stick (or CF card) into your haematology analyser on the front of the device (or the top of the device) to complete the process.


Everything clear? Then click here to get to the download center.


If you still have questions, we will be happy to help you on our helpline.