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This device has turned out to be a jackpot for us!

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  • 25. November 2020
  • Written by Axon Lab AG
  • General Practice

A family and emergency practice via the Mitsubishi Pathfast 

Our Sales Account Manager Eunike Wermuth interviewed Dr Nils Bollinger and Sabrina Marinkovic from the Family and Emergency Practice about the Mitsubishi Pathfast.

What did you think when you first saw the Pathfast set up in your lab? 

Sabrina Marinkovic, senior MPA: It was a big shock at the beginning. I thought, "Oh my God, what is this huge device?" (laughs). At first you have respect for the size and imagine that it must be complicated to operate.

Dr. Nils Bollinger, senior physician: "What a huge thing!" popped into my head. The device looks spacey, but also modern and cool.

What was your biggest fear before switching from your previous analysis system to Pathfast?

Sabrina Marinkovic: A staff member was afraid that she might break something on this new device.

Dr Nils Bollinger: My biggest fear was that the connection would not work because the analyses are not cheap. But from the device's point of view, the connection worked flawlessly.

How quickly did the whole team get used to the Pathfast?

Sabrina Marinkovic: Actually quite quickly. After the training, we practised the handling again in the team. Now everyone is coping very well with it. By the way, the biggest challenge was also the most embarrassing: We couldn't change the printer paper for the first time.

Dr Nils Bollinger: The team really got used to the new device very quickly.

What are you particularly proud of? What has worked particularly well?

Dr Nils Bollinger: From my point of view, it is relatively simple. The device allows us to run up to six tests simultaneously. Troponin and D-dimer tests take a really long time and the Pathfast speeds up the process enormously.

To what extent has the Pathfast helped to improve the practice process?

Sabrina Marinkovic: Our patients and also the doctors no longer have to wait so long for the values. And I can run the internal control with a patient. This makes everyday practice much easier and saves us time.

Dr Nils Bollinger: With Pathfast we are much faster. This is because I don't have to take into account the workload of the presence laboratory and this is fully to the benefit of the patient.

What is the advantage of highsensitivity troponin?

Dr Nils Bollinger: The high-sensitivity troponin is a great relief because it allows us to rule out a heart attack quickly and reliably. Our previous device could not show values lower than 40. But this is very unspecific, because then the patient can still be very early in the infarction phase.

With the Pathfast, we can measure the troponin value much more easily. Especially in times of COVID-19, a lot of patients come with chest pain. Because we now have more capacity for tests, we sometimes do one more troponin test in case of chest pain. This makes it safer for the doctor and the patient that no coronary event is missed.

We want to address the prognostic advantages of the device after the Covid period. Here I see further advantages of highsensitivity troponin.

In summary, using the Pathfast allows us to practise better medicine, treat more patients and make the best use of our own resources. Especially now, in times of the pandemic, we feel this is very valuable: we can work more efficiently, produce better results and get more usable medical data.

How do you perform with the Pathfast in the internal control and what was the result from the first round robin test?

Sabrina Marinkovic: The internal control was always top. We also passed the interlaboratory test. We even manage to run the internal control in the middle of the practice. Usually directly together with a patient test.


We would like to thank Dr. Nils Bollinger and Sabrina Marinkovic for the open interview and wish them continued pleasure with the device. 

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